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Avatar for Bancassurance

Avatar for Bancassurance is a solution specifically designed for the Bancassurance business with the objective of providing seamless business integration between the banks and insurers by utilizing latest technologies available.


In addition, Avatar Bancassurance is also designed to overcome the business challenges faced in today's bancassurance business operation such as:

  • Time delay in new product launching,
  • Products unable to sell due to lack of knowledge,
  • Products selling driven by commission or rewards,
  • Imbalance of product mix experience with the organization,
  • Inconsistency in solutions recommendation


GRP is well understands the daily operational challenges faced by the customers, therefore Avatar Bancassurance is an immediate solution for you and the solution is customizable to provide the best implementation to your business.


On top of this, Avatar Bancassurance has incoporated with Avatar Cognitive Engine (ACE) that enable the system with self-learning capability and provide improvement suggestion to the organization. For more information, please see Avatar Cognitive Engine (ACE).

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