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Avatar Client Portal

The Avatar Client Portal is a product which serves to provide a comprehensive and one-stop service to financial institutions. The need to provide state of the art technology in terms of servicing its clientele is nowadays a common requirement by informed consumers; hence financial institutions namely insurance companies that have a large customer base would require the necessary tool to fulfil this requirement.

GRP’s Avatar Client Portal has been specifically designed to cater for this exact requirement, given the company’s extensive experience within this particular industry we have clearly incorporated all the required best practices needed to make the portal a useful indirect servicing tool to the financial institutions customers wherein the following section provides a glimpse of what is available within the said portal:

  • Ability to provide 24x7 online services to its customers.
  • Encourages direct interaction between the financial institution and their customers via useful functionalities thereby maximizing customer service efficiency and experience.
  • Dedicated complaints notification facilities to provide confidentiality in reporting fraudulent or unaccepted practices by the financial institution’s representatives.
  • Plethora of customer service options whereby customers of the financial institutions would be able to carry out most of their required transactions online (e.g. Claims, Loans, Nominations etc.)

The diagrams below depicts how Avatar Client Portal would operate within the said financial institution’s organization and its interoperability as well as the various list of servicing functionalities that the application would be able to support.



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