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Avatar Sales Force Application (SFA)

SFA Avatar Sales Force Application (SFA) is an application designed with comprehensive features for the financial service professionals to manage for their daily business activities e.g. proposal, contacts, appointments, quotations as well as professional financial planning tools.

The automated features designed within the application are to minimize the time spent in managing the data so as to maximize the focus of new business generation. Its four main features are:

  • Customer Profile
  • A feature to manage customers and prospects comprehensive information includes individual information, contacts, dependants, appointments as well as financial information.

    customer profile
  • Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
  • A comprehensive yet simple to use financial needs calculator for identifying a few common needs such as child education, income protection and retirement fund.

    financial need analysis
  • Product Illustration
  • Every product should not just be described verbally; therefore, our product provides graphical presentations that helps a professional financial advisor to present the products in an effective manner.

    product illustration
  • Proposal
  • With our software, proposal management has never been easier. From entering of new proposals to update proposals, it is one stop solution for managing all your proposals.


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